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After a successful course in buildings management in the prefecture of Attica,  η Aegean Home Service founded by Nikolaos Valvis and assosiates  to provide high-quality  property management services on property owners. We specialize in maintenance, care and general supervision of cottages and villas on the island of Santorini and the entire Aegean. The main concern of Aegean Home Service is accountability, consistency, continuous monitoring of the evolution of our sector and mainly the personal contact with our customers. These are the features that dramatically increase our clientele hoping to win your trust.


Some of Aegean Home Service services

  • Decontamination
  • Drain Unblocking
  • Cleaning Services
  • Boat Cleaning
  • Laundry Services
  • Pest Control






Need to talk to us

Nikos Valvis
P: +30 2286 081 813, +30 2286 081 475
+30 6936 835 223

Email: aegeanhomeservice@hotmail.com


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